Campaign (September 2018)

September's Marketing Campaign


The campaign went live on 26 September 2018 on Twitter (click here for the Twitter campaign).

It was accompanied by a banner, with the logo and the address of the magazine at the top, and the slogan ‘For those who still care to read’ at the bottom. The background was designed to resemble an old paper, and the font of the slogan to emulate a clean and semi-cursive handwriting.

The campaign was executed to promote the culture of reading and to register Irrelevant Edition and its readers as allies and promoters of such culture. Whilst the majority of cultural spaces and art magazines produce ‘reviews’ as short as one or two lines—rarely exceeding one paragraph—Irrelevant Edition features relatively long articles, which, instead of re-iterating the press releases accompanying exhibitions, look at the shows from novel and critical perspectives.

In this campaign the identity of Irrelevant Edition’s target audience is outlined and amplified (‘those who still care to read’) and, in return, the promise of producing readable reviews and interviews is sent out. The marketing strategy employed in this campaign was informed by C. Grönroos, the main proponent of the Nordic school of marketing, who defined the aim of marketing as to ‘establish, develop and commercialise long-term customer relationships, so that the objectives of the parties are met’. According to Grönroos, ‘this is done by mutual exchange and keeping of promises’ [emphasis added]. There is a promise exchanged here: the consumer, the reader, promises to care to read; the producer, Irrelevant Edition, promises to provide them with quality material to read.

The second part of the campaign aimed towards an increase in email subscribers. The culture of reading, again, is reasserted in this line of the campaign with the pivotal promise of ‘being the first to read’, which both parties would engage with. The slogan ‘Be the first to read’, from this campaign, would later become a tagline for the Subscribe section, and the main invitation and promise in the campaigns directed at increasing email subscribers.

In an editorial meeting held on 25 September 2018, it was unanimously agreed to use the tagline employed in this campaign, ‘For those who still care to read’, as the slogan of the magazine and the brand Irrelevant Edition.