Campaign (August 2018)

August Campaign


The campaign went live on 4 August 2018 on Twitter (click here for the Twitter campaign).

It was accompanied by a banner, with a cloudy, detailed background and the address of the site.

The campaign highlights the nature of Irrelevant Edition in the first line (‘We are art critics’), and that it is run by individuals who are independent and not associated with large-scale media or organisations. The third line encapsulates the essence of our compassionate method of criticism, as delineated in our Editorial Code. The fourth line works on two layers. The first layer refers to our self-perception as critics who render themselves irrelevant after having achieved connecting the reader and the artist. Secondly, it points to our world-view that sees compassion as the only relevant matter and the rest as irrelevant—including our own Edition.

The Editor deleted the full stop punctuation at the end of the third sentence as a way of captivating the audience’s attention. In addition to the assertion that there should be no limit to compassion, the campaign aimed at making readers pause and think about ‘compassion’ itself.

The Twitter campaign made use of the following hashtags: